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Written by: Nolan Babb

Nolan Babb is a student at Slippery Rock University studying Finance. He is interning with Colliers | Columbus on Russ Williamson and David Denzy’s investment team, as well as the Columbus Industrial Team. Keep reading to get Nolan’s take on how his internship has helped him grow in his career.

Has your internship allowed you to network with other real estate professionals? If so, in what ways?

My internship has definitely allowed me to network with other real estate professionals. Colliers does a terrific job of exposing interns to every category of the commercial real estate industry, and I have been able to interact with accountants, property managers, marketing specialists, and brokers from other groups that I do not specifically work with. CRE 101 and the catered lunches specifically gave me the opportunity to ask questions to other real estate professionals as well.

What has been your favorite project to work on throughout your time at Colliers?

My favorite project I have worked on throughout my time at Colliers is assisting with the financial underwriting of properties for Russ Williamson and David Denzy. The process has helped me to understand how to interpret the numbers behind a real estate investment deal.

What has been the biggest learning lesson you will take away from this internship?

The biggest learning lesson I will take away from this internship is to understand your strengths and discover how you can utilize those strengths to provide value to your team or clients.

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