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Written by: Raul Saavedra

Raul is considered a market leader in the data center sector. He leads Colliers Americas data center advisory practice and is based in San Francisco. Prior to his time at Colliers he was the Northern California Data Center practice lead for JLL and a Co-Chair for the Data Center Practice Group. Before that he was a Senior Asset Manager for Digital Realty, a leading publicly traded international data center firm, where he ran a portfolio over 30+ properties and had profit and loss responsibility. Check out his post on Colliers Knowledge Leader here.

Over the last several years, demand for data centers has outstripped supply. Demand for bandwidth and data storage has exploded, thrusting these purpose-built facilities into the spotlight as digitalization efforts take center stage and the number of mobile internet connections continues to rise. Unlike other industries significantly impacted by the pandemic, the data center industry received a major boost as the frequency of business conducted online increased sharply.

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