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  • Halle Smith


Written by: Ross Day

Ross is going into his senior year at The Ohio State University where he is majoring in business administration with a specialization in marketing. He is currently interning with Colliers | Columbus on the office brokerage team with Dan Dunsmoor and Michelle Fude. Keep reading for insight into his intern experience.

What has been your favorite project to work on throughout your time at Colliers?

I have enjoyed seeing the onboarding process of the Encova Building. It was a fairly new assignment when I started working here, so I have been fortunate enough to see the continuous development over the summer. I also was able to see the building being presented and walked through it with potential tenants. Throughout this project, I recognized the importance of a well-functioning, prepared team.

What has been the biggest lesson you will take away from this internship?

The biggest thing that I have learned from this internship is how important being on a team is. I work mainly with the Dunsmoor-Fude team, and their communication and teamwork are often emphasized to be a main factor for their success. When I started working here, I immediately felt welcome and a part of the team. This has created a positive working experience this summer and it is something I will remember for my future career.

What aspects of commercial real estate has this internship made you more interested in?

I am interested in the brokerage aspect of commercial real estate. It feels as if there are endless possibilities when it comes to forming relationships and making deals. There is a sense of excitement and competition on the brokerage side of things, as you don’t really know what opportunities will present themselves.

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