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Written by: Brooke Ferman and Gracie Criger

Brooke Ferman specializes in research capabilities, providing support for the Colliers | Columbus Office, Industrial and Retail Groups as a research analyst. She assists the marketing and research director on special projects and corporate initiatives. Gracie is a student at The University of Cincinnati studying Real Estate. She is currently interning with Colliers | Columbus on the research team. Keep reading for an overview on adaptive reuse.

Photo Credit: Columbus Underground

The Columbus Downtown Development Corporation is currently undergoing a new study that is to be completed at the end of the year. The study is attempting to answer questions regarding how many total parking spaces there are, including garages, surface lots and on-street parking, who is using the spaces (office workers, residents, visitors, etc.) and more. Each year, there are new reports led by the CDDC discussing the number of future residents and workers to be expected Downtown on a consistent schedule. The most recent prediction is that by 2040, there will be 40,000 Downtown residents and 120,000 people working Downtown (the population currently stands at 11,200, according to the CDDC). Although it cannot be perfectly projected, the usage and data of these parking areas can be analyzed to see how full Downtown's garages and surface lots are currently.

Here at Colliers | Columbus, we have updated our “Downtown Parking Story Map” and “Downtown Parking One Pager” for Downtown Columbus to use as a tool for current or potential Downtown tenants and building owners. We update these reports semi-annually with the most up-to-date parking information accessible to the public.


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