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Written by: Livia Hill

Livia Hill is a recent graduate of The Ohio State University where she received her Bachelor of Business in Marketing. She is currently interning with Colliers | Columbus on the marketing team. Keep reading for insight into Livia’s intern experience.

What has been your favorite project to work on throughout your time at Colliers?

My favorite project that I have worked on so far is the Meet Our Leaders series. This project involves conducting an interview with each leader at Colliers | Columbus and asking them a series of questions about their position that is then turned into a weekly email. Interviewing the leaders of Colliers has allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of what roles look like in various departments, as well as get to know the leaders on a more individual level. The questions range from, “explain your role” to “what is your dream travel destination”, so it has been fun way to learn more about Colliers and the leaders of the company.

What has been the biggest lesson you will take away from this internship?

The biggest lesson that I will take away from this internship is that you learn from experience. When I first began the internship, I was nervous about not having any prior knowledge of Commercial Real Estate. I quickly realized that this experience is not about what I already knew, but rather about what I would learn as a result. Throughout my time with Colliers, I have learned so much about CRE and grown as an individual. Colliers has made the learning process so easy because of the welcoming and kind community. Everyone is quick to help or answer any questions I ask, and since day one I have felt I was a valuable part of the team. As I have been conducting interviews for the Meet Our Leaders series, there has been a common answer among everyone that the best part about working at Colliers |Columbus is the people/culture. I have felt that myself and hearing leaders from all departments of the company agree has been inspiring.

What aspects of commercial real estate has this internship made you more interested in?

I came into this internship knowing very little about Commercial Real Estate, so this whole experience has been a huge learning opportunity for me! One aspect of CRE that has been interesting to me is seeing how there are so many moving parts that go into just a single property. From the research and financials to marketing, property management and brokers closing the deal, the process involves so many different people. Working with the Columbus Industrial Team this summer has also given me valuable insight on the Industrial sector of CRE and all that goes into leasing and selling industrial buildings/land.

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