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Written by: Ryan Mitchell

Ryan Mitchell is a student at Otterbein University studying Marketing with minors in Finance and Sports Management. He is interning with Colliers | Columbus on the Research team. Keep reading to get Ryan’s take on how his internship has helped him grow in his career.

What has been your favorite project to work on throughout your time at Colliers?

My favorite project from my time at Colliers was the blog post I wrote about the rise of automation within the industrial sector. This project allowed me to develop my writing skills doing something I had never done before. I was given the opportunity to take my research and turn it into an informative piece for the Colliers Columbus Research Website. The flexibility and the ability to tap into a skill I had not used in while made this project worthwhile for me. Throughout the project, I was able to use what I learned from the Colliers Research Lunch & Learn – Becoming a Better Writer to make my post even better. I am thankful I got a chance to do something new to me, while still making it what I wanted it to be.

What has been the biggest learning lesson you will take away from this internship?

Outside of the commercial real estate knowledge I have gained throughout this internship, the biggest learning lesson I took away was to value every day as an opportunity. Whether it’s connecting with someone new to learn more about their role or asking someone how you can be of any help to them, there are constantly opportunities to learn and bring value to someone or something. You will often find when you take a chance on an opportunity, it will be more rewarding than you thought, even when it’s uncomfortable. When in doubt, take the chance!

What aspects of commercial real estate has this internship made your more interested in?

This internship has created an interest in the project management side of commercial real estate for me. Thanks to a connection made with Alan McLoughlin, I have enjoyed my time visiting properties and exploring the ins and outs of the role a project manager has. Alan has been someone who has gone out of his way to include me on his projects and learn more about my interests. Before this internship, I had little knowledge of commercial real estate, including project management. This has made me quickly realize how one new connection can in turn spark an interest in something. Now, I look forward to continuing to explore project management within the Commercial Real Estate Industry!

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