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Written by: Stephanie Waldeck

As the Client Services Manager, Stephanie Waldeck specializes in designing and implementing creative marketing solutions for her team. She creates all marketing collateral to promote properties and assist in new business development as well as client specific plans focused on their objectives and needs. Stephanie is responsible for all promotional and leasing materials, social media platforms, digital marketing activities and event coordination. Stephanie also manages team business operations and ensures clients have constant communication and up to date information. Keep reading for Stephanie’s take on current marketing trends in the office market.

What does your typical day-to-day schedule look like?

One thing I love about working in CRE office marketing is that no day looks like the last. Everyday is different, and that’s exciting! A typical day may include; a team meeting with my brokerage team to plan our priorities for the week, a creative brainstorming session with some of the dedicated team, creating a marketing package for an office building, working on a pitch or presentation for new business development, scheduling photography and video to be filmed at a site and drafting client outreach emails.

From your experience, what is different from working in CRE marketing to a more traditional marketing role?

I actually think there are a lot of similarities, the biggest being that our main focus is always putting the client first and getting them their desired results. However, one big difference is that in more traditional PR and marketing roles, it’s a bit easier to stick to a marketing plan and schedule. In CRE, there are so many external factors that affect the plan and strategies in place, that we often have to be prepared to pivot quickly and change our strategies.

Do you work closely with brokers daily?

I do. I work directly with Dan Dunsmoor, Michelle Fude and Ryan McHugh every day. Our team is huge on communication and collaboration, so we work together multiple times throughout the day.

What is something that stands out in marketing to the office market?

The market and how we communicate to companies is constantly changing. You really need to stay on top of trends and stay ahead of the curve to get your clients’ buildings noticed!

What is a project you are working on right now?

One project I’m working on right now is creating a shareable Columbus Office Market Sales dashboard. Our team has one that we update regularly and share during our monthly OSG sales meetings, but we want to create one that can shared not only internally, but externally with clients and potential investors as well.

What is something new you’ve noticed that has impacted marketing recently?

One thing I’ve noticed in reviewing competitors marketing materials as well as creating our own, well-done professional photos and interactivity make a huge difference. It’s no longer enough to snap a few pictures on an iPhone and throw a brochure together. With so many companies viewing office space digitally before narrowing down their searches, you need memorable materials (brochures, maps, videos, etc.) that capture their attention and gets them excited about the space you’re marketing! It’s a form of advertising, you’re still telling a story and it should be captivating.

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