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Updated: May 16, 2023

Written by: Trey Hafer

As a Project Manager at Colliers | Columbus, Trey Hafer is driven to partner with commercial building owners and tenants to protect their interests and serve as an advocate during their construction project. Trey’s experience provides discipline across each phase of the planning and construction process, allowing him to play an integral role in the project from start to finish. Keep reading to get Trey’s take on where project management stands in 2023, what what tenants are looking for in the workplace.

From a project management perspective, what do you think is currently most important to tenants regarding their office building?

The cost associated with construction is becoming more and more important and prevalent in the discussions with tenants regarding their office building. The price of construction has risen significantly in the last 18 months. People are dealing with so many unknowns in relation to the economy and unfortunately construction pricing is also in that category. Tenants are being forced to make value-based decisions during a construction build out due to the price tag that comes with a construction project.

What do you think is on the top of tenants’ minds going into 2023?

Many tenants are still dealing with the unknowns of how business was forever impacted by COVID. I am finding tenants are focused on creating an office environment that employees are excited about. Companies that were forced into a work from home situation are now finding themselves in a hybrid style office where employees have a work from home option. Due to the hybrid office becoming more normal, companies are building out offices that attract their employees and give them more of a reason to spend time in the office. Tenants are balancing having space that is not being used as frequently with still wanting to keep the option for growth.

Are tenants wanting specific amenities, layouts or anything other than the office space?

Well, we have built more golf simulators than usual. The layouts we are seeing have more open office, collaborative think space than ever before. Due to the work from home possibilities companies adopted, most are steering away from the cubicle farm and more towards a space that provides a comfortable “living room” style feel. Tenants are building with the employee in mind in hopes that they can use their space as a recruiting tool.

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