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Written by: Theresa Wears, CPMC, CPRC

Theresa Wears is a highly regarded marketing team member in the Central Ohio commercial real estate community. Her focus over the past 10+ years with Colliers has been on harvesting the unique vision of the teams she works with and helping them capitalize on that vision, while running the show behind the scenes. Keep reading for Theresa's take on current marketing trends in the market.

What does your typical day-to-day schedule look like?

The only thing that’s typical about my day-to-day schedule is the way each day starts. When I get to the office I go through my team’s calendars (including my own) to see what’s scheduled for the day ahead. I email the team to remind them of important events that may have slipped their minds and check to see if there’s any last minute items I should be aware of. After that, each day is completely different. I have long-term projects that I work on when the team’s requirements from me are slower. But the long-term projects are usually worked around more immediate needs for the team, such as building tours, updating marketing material, drafting leasing proposal responses, etc.

What are some goals you or your team has set for this year?

We’re working on tracking and being accountable to hitting quarterly goals this year, which will help us stay on track to hit our big goal at the end of the year. Other goals include keeping the team active on LinkedIn; creating case studies to use in team marketing and presentations; and getting the most out of our CRM platform.

You work with the office brokerage team, what trends in marketing have you noticed from the office perspective?

Office leasing is changing, as the Class A market tends to gravitate toward mixed use properties and the smaller tenants are looking for short term subleases to wait out the rocky economy. As a result, there is a gulf in the marketing of office properties. We are making our Class A material flashier to catch the eyes of those looking for more high-end space, and at the same time, there seems to be a wealth of listings targeting the smaller tenants. Even if the space isn’t a sublease, we’ll be sure to point out if it potentially comes with furniture and is move-in ready. It’s all about knowing what the tenants are looking for and being able to capitalize on that at first glance.

What is a trend in marketing you’ve noticed recently?

CRE marketing is finally catching on to the virtual tour trend. More vendors are available to help make that happen with virtual walkthroughs of unfinished spaces, and we have tools in house to create 360 tours of finished suites.

What can we anticipate for marketing in 2023 that we haven’t seen in the past?

I look for more exciting marketing trends online with the use of tools such as Ceros. We can use it to create eye-catching presentations and property landing pages that are interactive and visually appealing. Even busy executives like a little fun mixed in with their business every now and then. Why shouldn’t that little bit of fun and playfulness come from us? Fun is one of our core values, after all!

What is a project you are working on right now?

I recently completed a property landing page in Ceros. The goal is to be able to send this page to brokers with national tenants we know are in the market for large spaces. The page presents things large corporate clients look for in a building – Class A amenities, drive times to other locations in Columbus, an interactive map of nearby amenities, and more. Otherwise, I’m working on some of the long-term goals I mentioned above, making sure our team is organized and has every tool needed in order to hit the ground running each and every day. We can’t afford to miss any opportunities.

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