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Written by: Marty Ellinger

Marty Ellinger is a student at The Ohio State University studying Economics. He is interning with Colliers | Columbus on Brett Cisler’s brokerage team. Keep reading to get Marty’s take on how his internship has helped him grow in his career.

Has your internship allowed you to network with other real estate professionals? If so, in what ways?

The internship has allowed me to learn so much more about commercial real estate in these first 5 months! I had taken courses online before, but it is nothing compared to hands-on experience. It has allowed me to meet people in construction (Bill Jones and co), property management (Paul Krimm and co), marketing (as Erin Beaumont does this), and other areas of brokerage! I have also met people from other firms during events and showings that will be of benefit in the future.

What has been your favorite project to work on throughout your time at Colliers?

Going to get directories from buildings, creating stacking plans for them, and now cold calling the tenants, has been my favorite project. This is because I am the sole creator of the data for Colliers and I can feel like I am really doing something productive for the team while also getting the best hands-on experience.

What has been the biggest learning lesson you will take away from this internship?

The biggest learning lesson for me would be that of instilling a never ending desire to learn and grow. The second that you get complacent, people take notice. I do not believe I have been complacent but I have seen others do this in life and it encourages me to keep trying to find new ways to learn as the leadership here notices that ambition.

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