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Written by: Zach Rines

As a Brokerage Associate, Zach specializes in industrial leasing and sales, in addition to contract work and negotiation. Keep reading to get his take on how he utilizes LinkedIn and how it affects his business.

How does LinkedIn affect your business?

When a broker or sales representative is doing anything that is potentially client facing, it is extremely important to always have a positive image. It is all about the profile and reputation that we send to our clients, the real estate community as a whole, and even those we may not work with directly now or potentially ever.

How has LinkedIn impacted you?

While I can’t speak for everyone, personally I want my image to be genuine, authentic and easy to work with. I don’t want someone to meet me in person and have a thought in the back of their head that I'm not who they thought I would be. It has always been important to me, both professionally and personally, that people trust that I operate with integrity, am present and listening, available as a whole and always more than happy to help in any way that I can whatever the situation may be.

Why is LinkedIn important?

LinkedIn is just another incredible avenue that allows for more touch points and helps build that reputation beyond the immediate community of Central Ohio.

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