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Written by: Ryan Mitchell

Originally from New Albany, Ryan Mitchell currently attends Otterbein University where he majors in Marketing and minors in Finance and Sports Management. He works as an Intern with Colliers | Columbus in the Research department, providing support for, and working on, special projects with the Senior Research Coordinator. Keep reading to get Ryan’s take on the current rise in industrial automation.

The pandemic has made all of us rethink the way companies are going to move forward in the future. One of the many factors companies are considering is how they effectively use technology to create an environment that works for everyone, while improving efficiency. With the surge in the industrial sector, there is a growing need for workers in warehouse and manufacturing jobs. Yet, more and more industrial companies are lacking the adequate number of workers to meet the demand. They are finding there is a low interest in these types of jobs, and for those who do go into this sector, some are leaving for better paying jobs in different industries. To combat these issues, companies are turning to various forms of technology – one of them is robots.

One Columbus-based company saw the need for robots and is running with it. Path Robotics found due to the low interest in manufacturing jobs from young adults, robots can help fill the gap. This company is not looking to replace their current workers, but instead using automation to fill the spots where the company needs it most. With a focus on welding, Path Robotics is finding robots can take humans away from potentially dangerous situations in a field where work should be handled with caution. But this company is not stopping with welding. CEO Andy Lonsberry is already working to add another product which does not involve welding. As this company looks to the future, they hope to continue to push the bar forward with technology at the center.

Source: Columbus Dispatch, Columbus Business First

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