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Written by: Aaron Jodka

As Research Director | U.S. Capital Markets, Aaron is responsible for all aspects of research within the Capital Markets platform. He synthesizes and interprets a variety of data and information to stay ahead of trends that put our clients in an optimal position to make informed decisions. With a deep understanding of markets throughout the country, he provides a unique perspective on market dynamics across asset types and investment strategies, providing clients with tailored data and analytics to ultimately guide decision-making solutions. Check out his post on Colliers Knowledge Leader here.

The U.S. investment sales market showed strength and resiliency in the first three months of the year. Sustained interest in both industrial and multifamily asset classes compressed cap rates, while office and retail remained stable. Aggregate pricing was up 7.8% year-over-year and investment volume reached $96.7 billion. While lower than Q1 2020 volume, data across multiple asset classes demonstrates we are on an accelerated road to recovery.

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