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Keeping up with CRE trends is as easy as 1-2-3 with our weekly piece! The Weekly Review is a new blog series that will be released every Friday. The market is constantly growing and adapting to new ventures and ideas, and our goal is to provide up-to-date information into what is happening in both the Columbus and U.S. markets, as well as the commercial real estate industry as a whole. As stories evolve, the Weekly Review will continue to follow along and update our clients and community.

Certain news links may require site registration or subscription to access the complete article.


“Gravity is getting a restaurant and bar from the group that owns Local Cantina.”

“Prim Mason is a new concept that its creator Jordan Helman described as a “beverage-forward, fresh-focused café." Its menu will feature bowls, sandwiches, salads and a drink program with an emphasis on fresh-squeezed juices for its drinks and cocktails.”


“Intel has collected $600 million from Ohio in return for its $20 billion plan to build two factories in Licking County.”

“The state on Monday announced it awarded the money to the semiconductor company as part of the more than $2 billion in state and local incentives that Intel was promised for picking Ohio for the project.”

“In return, Intel committed to creating 3,000 jobs with an annual payroll of $405 million as part of its investment, the state’s largest economic development project, by Dec. 31, 2028.”


“Amazon has launched a new solar farm on a 2,000-acre site spanning multiple counties south of Columbus.”

“Amazon says its commitment to buy electricity produced by utility-scale renewable energy projects in Ohio generated an estimated $1.6 billion of investment and contributed $854 million to the state’s gross domestic product from 2014 through 2022. It also supported an estimated 3,560 full-time equivalent jobs in Ohio last year alone, according to the company.”

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